The Flavorama Blender

What makes Flavorama™ so Good?
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It's Delicious, Fresh and Healthy, Quick and Easy, Creative ... and generates MASSIVE PROFITS


A Flavorama™ Blending Machine allows you to create a unique combination of your choice AND a new combination each serve!

Using Ice-Cream or Frozen Yogurt as the starting point, choose one or more fruits (or other ingredients), then freshly blend it all in front of your eyes - a delicious dessert, created in seconds.

Feel like a REAL chocolate ice-cream? Add pieces of your favourite chocolate block or chocolate bar to 2 scoops of ice-cream, then press the Blend button. True Chocolate Ice-Cream!

Fresh and Healthy

Blending freshly chilled fruit with low-fat ice-cream creates the healthiest ice-cream on earth!
Ice-Cream which is freshly blended, naturally flavored and naturally colored.

It tastes great AND you can see that there are no hidden extras. No artificial colors, no artificial flavors, no added sugar etc. - just ice-cream and fruit.

Watching Your Waistline?

No problems!  Flavorama™ produces a "Guilt-Free Dessert" - natural fruit freshly blended with low-fat ice-cream, creates a 98% fat-free Real Fruit Ice-Cream.

What goes in at the top of the bowl comes out blended at the bottom of the bowl - no added nasties!

If you have avoided ice-cream because you had heard it's bad for you, a Flavorama™ freshly blended ice-cream will change your mind.

For almost ZERO FAT, consider low-fat frozen yogurt.

Blend your fruit with frozen yogurt instead of ice-cream to create a delicious dessert which diabetics and lactose intolerant folks will queue up for, again and again.

Just left the gym and conscious of what you eat? Stay on track, yet reward yourself with a Flavorama™ freshly blended dessert.

Attract More Customers

Approximately 27% of the population in the Western World should not eat standard Ice-Cream for some form of health reason.  With Flavorama™, you will undoubtedly attract a considerable extra percentage of business, by attracting new customers to Flavorama's "Guilt-Free" creations.

Quick and Easy

Creating a freshly blended treat from ice-cream and fruit could not be quicker or easier with the simple, push-button Flavorama™ Ice-Cream Blending Machine. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Simply take 2 scoops of ice-cream or frozen yogurt and drop them into the top of the bowl.

Add a scoop of one or more chosen fruits or other ingredients.

Hold a cone or other serving container at the bottom of the bowl and, with your other hand, press the "Blend" (White) button for about 6 seconds.

A quick touch of the "Up" (Black) button and the machine is ready for the next customer.


  It's up to you:

•  Make what you feel like ...

•  Create what you imagine ...

... using Ice-Cream or Frozen Yogurt as the Base Product:

Most people use a Flavorama™ Ice-Cream Blending Machine to blend fruit with ice-cream or frozen yogurt.  This creates a delicious and healthy result.

However, flavoring and coloring your ice-cream or frozen yogurt with fruit can be just the beginning!

You can blend practically anything with ice-cream.  Some unusual examples which are very successful with operators include:

•  Fudge

•  Avocado

•  Instant Coffee

•  Chocolate Bar

•  Chilli

For other suggestions, see our What to Blend page.

... using Boiled Potatoes as the Base Product:

Boiled Potatoes? Why not - it's a commercial blending machine!

Drop 2 small/medium sized boiled potatoes into the bowl and add your choice of savoury filling. Dispense into a vol-au-vent pastry, potato skin, pocket bread etc and you have a new line of freshly created savoury treats for your customers.

Delicious examples include:

•  Bolognese Sauce

•  Sour Cream and Chives

•  Ham and Cheese

•  Chilli con Carne

•  Spinach and Ricotta

•  Pesto and Parmesan

Massive Profits

Imagine a simple, push-button machine able to massively expand your food product range, which can make you 1000% profit per serving, in under 30 seconds!

The ONLY product matching this description is Flavorama™.

A Flavorama™ Ice-Cream Blending Machine allows you to make some of the biggest profits in the entire food service industry.


You only need one base product which you can buy in large, cost-effective tubs - regular or low-fat ice-cream or frozen yogurt (of course, you can offer both).

2 scoops is the recommended amount per serving.  This costs only a small amount.

Visit your local fruit market or order frozen fruit in bulk.  This costs even less.

You'll need a cone or other serving container.  This costs even less again!


Many Businesses Sell the End Product

That's more than 1000% Profit !!!










































































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