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For nearly 11 years I have been purchasing many of Flavorama machines for our New Zealand Natural stores in New Zealand, over which time the company has expanded with new store growth.

The Flavorama machines are a vital part of our business and get a thorough usage on a 7 day a week basis in all our stores. Because the machines are so well designed and ruggedly constructed - we just don't experience any major breakdowns which frankly I find remarkable.

They are not only reliable but also have the benefit of being easy to keep clean during the working day or cleaning up at the end of business. It just takes a few minutes and there is no inside machine maintenance, just cleaning off surplus product on the outside removable and washable parts.

I am very pleased to endorse these wonderful machines as I know that each one leaves the factory scrupulously mechanically adjusted and ready for use. When we ordered new machines we have experienced excellent prompt service and they have arrived securely packed within days of our order.

The same quality service has occurred when we required any spare parts and if we did have any problems, which was extremely rare, their service technician is on the phone immediately to guide us through.

All in all, a great product.

Brian Mooney
Territory Manager
New Zealand Natural


We purchased the machine and the mobile van in 2001 from friends who set up the operation in 1996.

Since we have been operating the unit, which is called Real Fruit Ice Cream Co., we have attended many functions, events, fairs, A & P Shows, Jousting Tournaments, weddings and have the unit available at a permanent site on a regular basis.

When we attend major events we operate the machine constantly, having a turnover of ice creams in excess of 700 in a six hour day. The machine has performed extremely well during our 6 years of use with minimum maintenance required except replacement of worn parts, cone-auger and ram.

We wish to congratulate you on producing a very robust and reliable machine. We have searched the Internet and this is the only machine we have found to be worth purchasing. We are considering doubling the size of our operation and sometime in the future we will definitely be purchasing another Flavorama machine.

Many thanks for your assistance and excellent service to us over the past few years.

Fred & Margaret Hassell
Real Fruit Ice Cream Co., Masterton, New Zealand


It has never let us down yet, which is very comforting to know in the middle of our holiday harvest season when the queue for icecreams has been known to stretch for 30 metres.

We knew that we were on to something when the first day that we operated the machine we had people coming in the gate in the afternoons telling us that they had heard about our icecreams. These days we have quite a lot of people who just come to our shop regularly for the icecreams.

Grant Gartrell
Blueberry Patch, South Australia


I knew another operator was doing well but I really didn't have confidence that Flavorama would work for me.

Once I set up the Flavorama machine, people started coming out of the woodwork.

By adding a machine that occupies only a part of one table, we've brought so much extra business in. Around Christmas time we do around 400 servings per day.

Grant Wallen
Strawberry Corner, South Auckland, New Zealand


These machines are great as an addition to a tourism business or shop. They are easy to use and quick to clean. Our neighbouring business sold $6000 of 'Branded Ice Cream' (I don't wish to name the brand) per annum, we opened and sold $20000 of Real Fruit Ice Creams in the second month; our best day was $900 from ice cream sales alone. The former shop then ceased selling ice cream.

Simon B.
(from an internet advertisement)


The profits from this machine are amazing and the increase in business......outstanding.

Rose Cottage Kamatua (from an internet advertisement)


Try a zesty berry ice cream made with our Flavorama machine. This electric wonder allows us to mix our berries with ice cream while you wait.

Turner's Beach Berry Patch,
Turner's Beach, Tasmania, Australia (from their website)


It is an outstanding machine and very popular as an alternative option for customers to buy something different.

(from an internet advertisement)


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