Daily Cleaning

1. Remove auger by depressing ball-bearing wih small pointed object, then pull auger down.

2. Remove bowl by unscrewing bowl ring (under bowl holder).  After washing, replace bowl, then auger by reversing these steps.
Intermittent Cleaning

In most cases, you can blend different flavors one after the other as very little residue is left on the auger and in the mixing bowl.  However, in some cases between strong flavors, a simple rinse is done by holding a container of water under the mixing bowl while pressing the white button for approximately 3-4 seconds (Fig. 1).  The water is sucked up into the bowl and runs out once the white button is released (Fig. 2).

Spare Parts

For spare parts for your Flavorama Ice-Cream Blending Machine, please Contact Us.

We supply spare parts directly to businesses as required, to support all of our machines around the world.

Parts are usually despatched within 24 hours of payment, using door-to-door express courier services.



For any other maintenance questions, please Contact Us.


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